Virtual Forest

Allow residents, Schools and Organisations to register trees they are planting in your areas, and view them on our interactive Virtual Forest

Inspired by the Million Tree NYC program and Government climate change emission reduction targets. Perfect for Councils, Local Authorities, States, and Government. Virtual Forest supports organisations in achieving tree planting targets.

Virtual Forest - Education Host
custom map pins - Education Host

Advanced Mapping Features

We leverage the Google maps API, to provide fast, reliable mapping for your users.


» Overlay the Virtual Forest map with boundaries of your members

» Accuracy and reliable Virtual Forest map, allowing accurate viewing of tree plantings

» Custom Map Pins

Personal Tree Planting

With our enhanced tool, built with new technologies, users are able to register trees that they have planted, place the trees on the map and attribute it to an organisation of a loved one.

» Individuals and organisations are able to affix their names and/or company logos to specific trees and tree planting sites

» Individuals and organisations are able to dedicate tree plantings in memoriam of a loved one, including a message and/or picture.

The application allows the following user types to add trees:

» Members of the public

» Organisations

» Schools, with a child-friendly user interface

» Site administrators

Personalised Virtual Forest - Education Host
Total Figures - Education Host

Totalizer Figures

Display totalizer figures in the primary map, based on any mandatory variable that is collected when a tree is added by a user.

Selected your totalizer and the Virtual Forest application will calculate the rest.


Built using React JS, and designed to fit with Umbraco and other popular CMS systems.

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Supporting you every step of the way

Clients receive a support portal linked to the Client Area, where responses are recorded, monitored against Key performance indicators and responded to within 24 hours.

Enhancement requests are monitored and built into future application releases.

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