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December 11, 2016

The company (Worcester computing for the University Of Worcester)

The Business school of the University of Worcester asked us to partner up to create something special for their students. After attempting to use free hosting sites for hosting the university ran into several problems, such as lack of support, limited capabilities and commercial banners. The technical requirements included cPanel for students, domain name for students, automation, out of hours support for staff and students and failsafe options in the event of downtime.

The brief

The main requirement for the solution was that each student had their own public web space, with a domain name that could be used for assignments. This included technical requirements (such as security and size), Number of students, costing and support. Each student is given access to a secure client area along with the industry leading cPanel.

Other requirement included ease of use for the student to sign up, access and manage their account.


Education host used its years of expertise in this field to create a custom package for the University of Worcester. Including web design, the hosting of up to 1200 student accounts, fully managed servers and guaranteed support within 24 hours for both students and lecturers with prices up to 50% cheaper than that in industry.

Education host has been responsive in changing the required solution as the university added more modules, and more students. Implementing automation software to make this as easy as possible for the students, including automatic account removal after the student finished their time at University.

Dr. Joanne Kuzma says that “Our experience with Education Host has been extremely positive. The level of service is outstanding, with some problems being resolved in hours or even minutes. Students are very

Website design

The worcestercomputing.com website sits on a content management system (CMS) and is fully responsive, with a clean and simple to use design. This allows students to sign up quickly and easily during the start of term, where between two hundred and three hundred students sign up.

worcester computing

Case study

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