Executive Summary

N-Able Worcester is a therapeutic learning provision for students who are unable to manage mainstream school due to a variety of reasons. Their qualified teachers tutor the students towards GCSE Maths and English.

N-able Worcester is classed as an ‘Alternative Provision’. And provide a therapeutic learning environment for students with additional needs.

Education Host provided a package based on consultancy and IT support for education to create the ideal solution.

Included in the solution is:

  • Implementation of Microsoft 365.
  • Setup of Office applications on user machines.
  • Migration of user emails from IMAP server to Exchange 365.
  • Setup of Teams.
  • Management of Microsoft licenses.
  • Setup and support for guest users.
  • Ongoing IT support.


N-Able Worcester’s deputy manager describes the challenge that they faced below:

We needed to ensure we were running a secure system as we hold personal details.  We also needed to set up a ‘shared file’ system for our staff to either just have access to or upload files safely and securely.

It was important for someone to understand our specific needs as we run very differently from a school.  Also, to have a flexible approach to working with us – and patience (we are not the most tech-savvy team!).  Being local to us was also important so that we can have the support when we need it.”

The Solution

Education Host has worked closely with N-Able Worcester to provide the solution to best suit their needs. Migrating emails from IMAP to Exchange 365, setting up users on the company active directory and moving from Google Drive to OneDrive.

By leveraging industry-leading tools such as Microsoft 365, users within N-able can access software to support the business best.

Once Microsoft 365 had been set up, Education Host set up user emails locally. It became apparent that migrating old emails would be an important part of the solution, which Education Host resolved and migrated all ‘old’ emails from their IMAP server.

Case Study


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