Today we announce a couple of important updates regarding our control panel, DirectAdmin, that we have introduced across the network.

The purpose of these updates is to make using our services as easy as possible.

PhpMyAdmin Single Sign-On

We have implemented a single sign-on feature for PHPMyAdmin, you can use this feature by going to the MySQL Management icon in your control panel and clicking on the Login button. This will open up PHPMyAdmin without the need to sign in again.

Education Host - MySQL Management
Education Host - MySQL Management

Webmail Single Sign-On

We have also introduced a Single Sign-On option for Emails, this will only work on emails other than the default email included with the account (so you will need more than one email in the package that you have).

Simply click on Email Accounts, click on the + icon next to the account and then click Sign in to Webmail.

Education Host - Webmail SSO

Timeout Increased

Additionally, we have also increased the default timeout of the control panel across all servers using this control panel, from 60 seconds to 600 seconds (10 minutes). This will reduce the number of times that you are required to sign in.

We hope that you enjoy these changes and welcome any feedback through our support channels.