Education Consultancy

Education Host delivers a wide range of consultancy services that help to transform students and teaching professionals within the education sector. Our services can be delivered on a part-time basis or full-time basis. Education Hosts fully trained consultants can deliver development opportunities at both local and national levels to help students, teaching professionals, and organisations to develop their IT strategy, Service Delivery, and Project Management.

Reporting and Data Greet

Education Host is experienced in providing both insight and analytics within the Education sector. Providing feature-rich indexing and reporting across multiple sources of data. Expertly delivered using industry-leading tools – such as Power BI and CXAIR. Education Host is able to support the delivery of reporting to teams across your organisation and support the goal for actionable data insights.
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Module Assessment & Validation

Education Host provides consultancy surrounding module assessment, validation, and revalidation and has worked with organisations to ensure module content is sufficiently up to date in a fast-paced sector. Example of programs where Education Host have provided validation are:

BSc Computing Technologies

BSc Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship

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Education Host Cloud Migration

Education Hosts Cloud Migration consultancy supports moving your physical on-premise servers into our Education Cloud. Well situated in our Gloucestershire Tier 3 data center, with ISO 27001 / ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 accreditations. Education Host supports educational establishments with the move to the cloud.
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IT Consultancy

Our IT Consultants are on hand to support your establishment with all IT related tasks. Including:

Infrastructure Solutions

Education Host provides consultancy on infrastructure solutions, providing recommendations for the best product. Our experienced team work with each customer to look at the intended outcome and process for delivery. From our Student Web Hosting Solution, VPS Solution through to our Private Education Cloud. Education Host is well placed to be your strategic advisor and partner to ensure successful delivery of IT projects.
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