A privately owned and operated global provider of student, business, and faculty hosting, founded in 2011. Education Host offers managed automated hosting services with fully supported amenities and web tools that have empowered global users, universities, colleges, and schools to do more with affordable cost in mind. Education Host is globally recognised as an established, reliable, and trustworthy partner in the industry. Using industry leading tools such as cPanel.

Passion and vision for excellence allow us to continually move forward and provide the best possible service.

The Education Cloud

Having supported over 15,000 students in 94 countries with their studies, and universities, colleges, and schools with hosted cloud solutions. We are a global partner, based in the UK, ready to support your hosting needs.

The Education Host Cloud offers a tailored, robust web hosting solution specifically designed for the educational sector. It leverages advanced cloud technology to provide scalable, secure, and high-performance hosting services that cater to the unique needs of educational institutions, supporting their online presence and e-learning platforms efficiently. This focus ensures that schools, colleges, and universities can rely on a dedicated infrastructure optimized for educational content and applications, promoting a better learning experience online.

Our Culture

Education host believes that our employees are what makes us great. Our teams strive to deliver the best experience for all of our partners. Dedicated individuals will help you find the solution you need, and be there for you around the clock to support your needs.

The Education Host culture is deeply rooted in its dedication to transforming the educational landscape through innovative web hosting solutions. We emphasize a commitment to supporting educational institutions around the globe, ensuring that our services not only meet the technical requirements of online learning platforms but also foster an environment where education can thrive. This ethos is central to operations, guiding the approach to customer service, technological innovation, and community support. 

Dedicated to being the best provider of services to education in the world.

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