Education: Is the cost of university too high?

September 11, 2016


With the average fee for universities over the three years totalling a massive £26,000 not including loans, is a university education really worth it? In this world where education is king, we would say it is. Hear us out…

In September 2016, The Times Education published an article with the following research:


The research (conducted by bestCourse4me data) shows that by the age of 45, graduates are earning 82 percent more on average than non-graduates – £38,415 compared with £21,095.

When you are making your choice of university, it’s worth bearing in mind the universities that form part of the Russell group, additionally checking out the Times World rankings.

Aside from income, university is a fantastic environment. It is a great experience to go through, make new friends and be inspired by your lecturers.

So, Is it worth it? In our opinion.. Yes!